The Kentish Spires is the brainchild of school friends Danny Chang and Phillip Warren who met when they both attended Swanley Comprehensive School in Kent.


They formed a school band with Barry Purkis, ex Samson and one time Iron Maiden drummer, AKA Thunderstick. After a while the friends lost contact with each other and Phil went on to play in a function band with Mike Stock (Stock, Aitken and Waterman) who was a year ahead in the same school, Danny relocated to Wales to play summer seasons in Porthcawl and Barry went on to join Samson.


In 2016 after not seeing each other for over 40 years the three friends decided to book a day in the studio and record a track. Phil and Danny suggested that Thunderstick should record a new album with new and old material; and Danny as associate producer set about hunting for a female vocalist for the new project. Lucie Vox auditioned for the job and was hired for the album SOMETHING WICKED COMES MY WAY.


After the completion of the album Phil suggested that they put a progressive rock band together and record the kind of material that came out of the Canterbury scene in the early seventies. Danny loved the idea and asked Lucie Vox to front the band as a full time member. They recruited session drummer Tim Robinson who Danny had previously worked with in the band Fyreworks. Paul Hornsby, winds and saxes had worked with Danny on TIGER BAY, a BBC drama series that Danny had composed the score to. The final part of the jigsaw was Rik Loveridge who had moved into the same village as Danny and had previously worked in composing music for the advertising industry and wanted to get into a band with like minded people.


The Kentish Spires line-up for 'The Last Harvest' album. Photo copyright Paul Hornsby.


The debut album THE LAST HARVEST was recorded at PIGGERY studios in Hereford. CLARITY the single was accompanied by a video shot by long time friend Rob Reed (Magenta, Fyreworks).


SPREZZATURA the second album saw a new line up change with drummer James Hall replacing Tim Robinson and virtuoso wind player Chris Egan taking over from Paul Hornsby.


The Kentish Spires line-up for the 'Sprezzatura' album. Photo copyright Paul Hornsby.


In July 2019 prior to Crescendo festival in France Lucie Vox handed in her notice as a full time member and wished to continue as a session singer.


It was decided by the band that after their successful appearance at Crescendo they would prefer to continue with a full time member in front of the microphone. The band thought it unfair for any female vocalist to try and fill Lucie's shoes and it was agreed that they would go for a male vocalist and one that could contribute to the writing of material.


Nigel Voyle was responsible for the creative look of the albums for TKS and had a long musical relationship with Danny Chang when they appeared at Reading Festival in 82 with their band JUST GOOD FRIENDS who were signed to MAGNET RECORDS in the eighties.


Nigel Voyle the replacement for Lucie V in The Kentish Spires. Photo copyright Ian Burgess.


Both at one time had been managed by Olav Wyper publicist for David Bowie.


Nigel had recorded two albums with the band Cyan with producer Rob Reed.

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